Behind the Organ

SundayClubTHIS is our web site room. We put the things we made here, so we can look at them again later.

9 June
Today was Pentecost and we made crowns of flames to go with the story.
We had lots of them and they weren’t all the same, but only Lucy stayed long enough to model one for the website – we believe there may have been cake waiting somewhere…

2 June
In our All Together Sunday service today we heard about UNITY. The prayer chain in the picture was made by putting many strips together into one piece, and the loops had names on them of all the people in the church.
But the funniest bit was when Teresa tried to get the duvet into its cover by herself. It was to show how you cannot do everything on your own – not even being a Christian.

22 April 2019
Today we are starting our Behind the Organ page all over again, because it’s EASTER, and Easter is when all things are made new :)!

We had our Easter Workshop today. We did lots of different activities.
We made an Easter Garden with real flowers

And then we had loads of craft
Easter 2019 children's activities
And also Bible story telling about Easter in between
Joseph of Arimathea
And a pretty good party at the end!


Story corner

The Good Samaritan

Parables were not just stories that Jesus told; they were meant to make people think about about their own actions.

Try reading the story, it’s in the Bible:  Luke 10. 25-37
Who would you most have liked to be in the story…! and why…?

Here is a short animation of the story.

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