Behind the Organ

SundayClubTHIS is our web site room. We put the things we made here, so we can look at them again later.

15 December Nativity play

8 December

2nd Sunday of Advent
Thinking about hoping and waiting which is what we do in Advent, we thought of making lists of wishes – and then we thought about making lists of PRESENTS that we could give to Jesus. Here are some of them.
We lit another candle today as it’s the Second Sunday of Advent and we’re now half-way to Christmas. There’s an Advent story at the bottom of the page. Jump to it by clicking the orange button above.

On 1 December we are beginning our journey towards Christmas. We call this time ADVENT, a word from Latin meaning ‘coming’ and we call it so because it is a good name for the time to Christmas which is when we celebrate  Jesus’ coming into the world.

1 December is Advent Sunday, when we will have Christingle in the afternoon. Christingle  is also the start date of the Posada and we hope you will get a chance to have the figures of Mary, Joseph and the donkey in your house for one night!

9 June
Today was Pentecost and we made crowns of flames to go with the story.
We had lots of them and they weren’t all the same, but only Lucy stayed long enough to model one for the website – we believe there may have been cake waiting somewhere…

2 June
In our All Together Sunday service today we heard about UNITY. The prayer chain in the picture was made by putting many strips together into one piece, and the loops had names on them of all the people in the church.
But the funniest bit was when Teresa tried to get the duvet into its cover by herself. It was to show how you cannot do everything on your own – not even being a Christian.

22 April 2019
Today we are starting our Behind the Organ page all over again, because it’s EASTER, and Easter is when all things are made new :)!

We had our Easter Workshop today. We did lots of different activities.
We made an Easter Garden with real flowers

And then we had loads of craft
Easter 2019 children's activities
And also Bible story telling about Easter in between
Joseph of Arimathea
And a pretty good party at the end!


Was your house one of the resting places for Mary and Joseph?

The Miracle of the Christmas Crib

It was the week before Christmas and it had been snowing hard. Icy patches on the pavement had made the streets slippery. It was great fun for the children: they could go sliding everywhere where you could only walk in summer.
Unfortunately, it was not such fun for the vicar: he had slipped on the ice and when he tried to get up he found he couldn’t: he had broken his leg!
“How am I going to set up the Christmas stable for the Crib service now?” he asked his wife. “I cannot walk…”
He ‘phoned around to see if someone else could do it. But all the people were too busy to help at such short notice.
The vicar was sad. “There won’t be a Christmas stable this year”, he said, “there’s no help for it.”

Meanwhile, in the big storage cupboard in the church, the ox and the donkey were wondering why no-one had come to take them out yet. They knew it was near the time, because the Christmas tree decorations had already been collected from the shelf above them. That usually meant it was their turn next but no-one had come.
“Something is wrong” the ox rumbled in his deep voice. “If we stay here, Christmas cannot happen.”
All the sheep started bleating in a panic.
SHUSH!” said the donkey.
“Of course Christmas will happen. Only we cannot show the children HOW it happened if we stay in the cupboard.”
“Then let’s get out of it!” rumbled the ox, and impatiently bumped his head against the door.
To everyone’s surprise the door creaked open…
“Oh-oh-oh” bleated all the sheep.
SHUSH!” said the donkey.
“You sheep stay here and be quiet until we come back.”

Together, the ox and the donkey stepped through the door and out of the cupboard.
It was dark in the church. Cautiously they picked their way through the curtain, past the choir benches and to the table where the Christmas stable always stood. They looked up at it.
“A bit steep, this…” rumbled the ox softly.
But he hadn’t been quiet enough because suddenly a voice squeaked out of the darkness. “What are you doing here?!” it said.
And then a small body sprang forward, and another, close behind it.
Yeah, what?!” squeaked a second voice.
It was the church mouse and his country cousin who had come to stay for Christmas.
“Good evening” replied the donkey politely. “The ox and I must get the Christmas stable up there”, pointing at the table, “but it’s a bit too high for us.”
Tee-hee!” squeaked the mice, “not for us it isn’t.” And to show that it was true they both ran up one table leg each. “You see” they laughed, looking down from the top, “nothing to it!”
“Then help us?” suggested the donkey hopefully, “for all the children?”
And the mice happily agreed.

All night they worked. The country cousin mouse knew how to use a pulley to heave things up and the church mouse knew where the curtain cords were kept.
They made a sort of harness for the ox because he was the strongest and heaviest, and the ox had walked backwards and forwards all night to pull everything up: the stable, the crib and all the figures.
The donkey had had to do a lot of SHUSH!-ing when it was the sheep’s turn to be lifted to the top but they had all arrived safely. The mice busily put everything in the right place.

When first light came peeping through the church windows they were nearly finished. Everybody was now on the table – except the ox.
He had worked the pulley to lift everyone and everything but he was too heavy even for all the mice and sheep and donkey together to pull him up, try as they might.

Just then the church main door opened. It was the cleaner, come early to tidy up before the Crib service.
The mice dashed down the table legs and scampered out of sight, the donkey SUSH!-ed the sheep one last time and then all was quiet and still.
Footsteps came towards the table in the stillness.
The cleaner bent down and picked up the ox.
“Poor thing” she said, “fallen down” and with that she put him in his place in the stable.

When the time for the Crib service came, the vicar had found a wheelchair to use and as he wheeled himself in he stopped in amazement at the sight of the finished Christmas stable.
“A miracle happened…” he whispered.
But before the sheep could say “a-a-a-men” the donkey gave them a stern SHUSH!-ing look – and all remained quiet and still.

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