Behind the Organ

SundayClubTHIS is our web site room. We put the things we made here, so we can look at them again later.

30 September
Elsa, William and Elliot made this lovely prayer garden today. You know why there’s a (tiny round) mirror at the back of the garden? It’s so that we see our face when we pray; and to be reminded that when we pray we also should remember the things we ourselves didn’t do right… and ask for forgiveness.

And this is one of the prayers we wrote and then we said it in the church for everybody.

16 September
Hannah and Fran were our leaders today and we talked about what it means to be faithful.
Faithful is if you stay close to someone you love and who loves you, like Jesus.
The story of Greyfriar Bobby was a good example- he would not leave his master’s graveside for fourteen years even though he could not see his master anymore!

9 September
Today, Sunday Club started again after the summer break.
We hope everybody had a good holiday and look forward to seeing many of you again!
Sunday Club will be on every Sunday, except when we have our All Together Church on the first Sunday of the month.

15 July
We talked about being kind, giving, brave, honest, and we thought of examples to tell each other. After we finished Sunday Club we also told them to the people in church and showed our posters and pictures.
Everybody worked really hard this morning and here is the picture of God’s Garden that Maggie made.

God’s garden, by Maggie

8 July
Thalleia explains what we did today:

In Sunday Club, I learned some sign language and I thought that other people should learn. I made a quick guide so everyone can.

Here is a picture of the quick guide. We could sign the words of the song: Jesus loves me this I know. And we gave a very good demonstration at the end of the service!

10 June
Today we made people chains while we talked about love in families, in our own family and in the wider church family, and how we can show it. This is us in the picture 🙂

27 May, Trinity
We’ll probably never look at a clover leaf the same way again after today’s Sunday Club session! Thank you Rallou, for teaching us the origami folding for the leaves 🙂

20 May, Pentecost
The best Pentecost dove we’ve ever seen!

13 May 2018

Because last Thursday was Ascension Day, we made cloud mobiles while we thought about Jesus going up into heaven so then the disciples couldn’t see him anymore- which is just like us! Then we wrote a special prayer on one of the clouds, that we said together at the end of the service to the people in the church.

1 April 2018
Today we begin a new page because it is EASTER which is all about new beginnings.

If you took part in the Easter workshop on Saturday you may have helped with the Easter Garden making and remember the cave, with the big stone rolled in front of the opening? That was the place where Jesus was buried after he had died on the cross.

This is the picture of the Easter Garden you made together. It is beautiful!!

But it DIDN’T END with the burial!!
You also heard Mary Magdalene’s story of how, two days later, Jesus was no longer in the grave, and that SHE was the one who had seen him alive again – before anyone else!
Here are some of the pictures of the workshop, to help you remember the WHOLE story, of the donkey and the palms, and the Last Supper, and the crucifixion, and the burial – and the awesome bit about the Resurrection.

Story Corner


Just as in the banner, you’ll see a lot of green in the church in the next few month.
That’s the colour that goes with this time of the church’s year – and quite a suitable colour it is too, because nature is also beautiful in its green summer dress!

Plants are growing fast now, their leaves getting bigger and their stems taller. But to grow at their very best, they need more than water alone: they also need feeding.

And just like the plants, we can use this GREEN TIME of the year to grow in our faith in Jesus.
We were watered when we were baptised – do you remember the big Baptism Celebration we had in June?
Now we also need feeding spiritually, and PRAYING is a great way to feed our growing faith.

Long summer days and nights can be a good time for prayers. Start with something
as simple as saying thank you to God for something you’re really grateful for, or
asking for God’s peace at bedtime each night.
These are three examples of simple prayers you could try:

Saying Thank You:
God the Father, who made us, we thank you.
God the Son, who saved us, we thank you.
God the Spirit, who holds us in love, we thank you.
God, who is everywhere,
thank you for being you.

God, who is like a mother hen watching over her chicks,
Keep me under your warm wings as I sleep.
Send me good dreams.
And help me wake up ready for another day.

Image © Steph Driver 2018 with permission

Prayer for God’s help:
Father God, sometimes I am scared.
Sometimes I am worried.
Sometimes I need help.
Sometimes people I love have problems.
Please be with me and help me,
Like shepherds caring for sheep.



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