Behind the Organ

SundayClubTHIS is our web site room. We put the things we made here, so we can look at them again later.

Our Nativity Play
Here are some of the photos of our Jesus’ Christmas Party play.

Harvest Festival 2017
Were you there when Erwin suddenly appeared in a Paul Hollywood mask after he told us the Parable of the Three Talents?
Here’s a little itsy bitsy video of it.

3 September

9 July
Thinking about why we should help each other, and how we can do it.

2 July
Our All Together Sunday today was pretty good!

 17 April
Today we begin a new page because it is EASTER which is all about new beginnings. If you took part in the Easter workshop on Saturday you may have helped with the Easter Garden making and remember the cave, with the big stone rolled in front of the opening? That was the place where Jesus was buried after he had died on the cross.

But then you also heard Mary Magdalene’s story of how,  two days later, Jesus was no longer in the grave, and that SHE was the one who had seen him alive again!
Here are some of the pictures of the workshop, to help you remember the whole story.

The donkey owner’s wife tells the story of Palm Sunday

Andrew the disciple tells about the Last Supper and the foot washing

Andrew the disciple and the Roman Centurion

The Centurion tells about the trial and crucifixion of Jesus

Joseph of Arimathea tells about the burial of Jesus

Mary Magdalene tells that Jesus has risen from the dead

And here are some more pictures of all the activities we did, and of the tea party afterwards.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Daisy story

“I think it’s weird”, said Jack to Granny, “everyone keeps talking about the New Year but it’s just not my new year until my birthday. I’m seven now and in August I’ll be eight. That’s when I’ll have a new year.”

“Yes”, added Daisy, “it’s like the new moon. The moon isn’t really new when there’s a new moon, it’s just the same old moon, but we see it in a different way.”

Granny laughed. “At the beginning of the year people look back to see if they can make any changes to what they did the year before.”
“So it’s just like the new moon, said Daisy, “it’s your same life but you’re looking at it in a different way.”
“I suppose so,” replied Granny, “so how could you look at life differently this year?”

“Well, I think it’s got more exciting since you took me to the Planetarium,” said Daisy, “I look at the sky in a different way now.”
“And tiny things are more interesting when I look at them through a microscope” said Jack, “they look really different!”
“So you’re both learning to look at the world in a different way” said Granny, “do you think that helps you look at people differently as well?”

“I think sometimes people smile but they’re sad underneath,” said Daisy, “when Dad was really ill he still smiled a lot. But you helped us pray to God that he would get better, and he is better now.”
“Yes,” smiled Granny, “that reminds me that sometimes I only remember to pray for people when they are having a difficult time. But God wants to talk to us all the time, not just when things go wrong. I think that will be something for me to change this year. I’ll say ‘thank you’ to God much more for all the good things in my life.”

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