Music Society concert 24 June 2022

On Friday 24th June, The Wivenhoe St Mary’s Music Society has invited Martin Newell and the Hosepipe Band to perform in St Mary’s Church. Martin is well-known in Wivenhoe. He will be reciting some of his poetry, and the band will be playing lots of what might be thought of as ‘jolly’ music.

The Hosepipe Band comprises: Cara Bruns on keyboards; Simon Haines playing concertina, melodeon, hurdy gurdy, footbass, and bandoneon; Peter Nice on upright bass and electric guitar; and Val Woollard playing the bagpipes, recorder, flute, saxophone, bells, and hammered dulcimer.

Because members of the band are from such different musical backgrounds, their music is varied and difficult to pigeonhole, with elements of rock, classical, folk, jazz. With so many Instruments, they will make a lively sound.

Tickets are £8 and includes a glass of wine or a soft drink. They are available at the Wivenhoe Bookshop or via the internet from TicketSource/Wivenhoe.
The Concert is on Friday 24th June at 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm).

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  1. petermhill says:

    Thanks very much Marika



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