Quarter peal for a half millennium

On Wednesday 27th October people left the Midweek Reflection service just as St Mary’s bells began to ring the quarter peal.

One reason for such tintinnabulatory exuberance (O, really …! Ed.) was the 500th anniversary of the tower – or as near to it as we can know.

The ringing team consisted of Adrienne Wood (tower captain), Fred and Simon Sherratt, Jane Taylor, Tim Batts-Neale and Bryan Morrissey.
The quarter peal took 43 minutes to achieve, and the cake and Happy Birthday toast afterwards would have been well appreciated!

A fuller article about the event, with proper explanation of a quarter peal, will appear in the winter edition of Wivenhoe News.
I’ll just say: Well done and Thank You!

L to R: Tim, Jane, Adrienne, Bryan, Fred, Simon

(post added by Marika)

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