Opening information – update 29 July

We continue to follow the Government’s guidance of keeping a distance of 2 metres as mitigation such as face coverings are not compulsory in church, though strongly recommended.

The following is valid for the month of August (and possibly September).

Private Prayer
There are two more Saturday afternoons  for people to visit the church for private prayer between 2pm and 4pm followed by Evening Prayer at 4pm.
They are August – 1st and 8th.

How many may attend?
We were able to create 10 seating areas – 6 for maximum 2 people and 3 for maximum 3 people, plus one individual seat near the font for the verger, churchwarden or sidesperson.
So 10 separate visitors can attend, or maximum 22 persons if they all belong to the same household groups of two or three.

No Saturday opening on 15 August.
From the weekend of 15-16 August we open the church only on Sunday morning for the 9am communion service.

In addition to the live-streamed services (which will continue) we will hold a short communion service (30 minutes) at the church at 9am on Sundays from 16 August until further notice.
This option has been introduced in first instance for those who are unable to watch the live stream which follows on line at 10.30am.
We will start on 16 August on a first come, first serve basis.
We strongly advise to wear a face mask at the service.

Erwin’s letter announcing these developments will be distributed with the August/September edition of Tidings and can also be downloaded here.

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