To be a pilgrim

Here are some of our pilgrims putting their best foot forward, just after the end of the morning service on Sunday 28 July, when Revd John Driver had blessed them with these words:

All powerful God, you always show mercy towards those who love you and you’re never far away from those who seek you,
Remain with your servants on this holy pilgrimage,
guide their way in accord with your will;
shelter them with your protection by day, and give them the light of your grace by night;
and as their companion on the journey bring them to their destination in safety.
So Elle, Sandrine, Alison, Erwin, and Mieke, Andrew and Kate,
May God the Father who created you guide your footsteps;
May God the Son who redeemed you share your journey;
May God the Holy Spirit who sanctifies you lead you on this pilgrimage;
and the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with you wherever you may go. Amen.

Look out for updates on St Mary’s Facebook page throughout the next three days.

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