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We are a middle of the road Church of England with catholic features, offering a diverse range of services that lean towards other traditions too, and a great musical tradition.


The church is located in the old part of Wivenhoe.
Find us on this location map.

Whether you are a Wivenhoe resident who does not generally attend church, or a visitor to the town, we would love to welcome you at our services.

Information about service times is available on our regular services page, and you can catch up with what’s been happening on the news page.

Latest: Confirmation preparation starting in April.

…. and some WebWords from the Rector

People say that Easter falls late this year. And indeed it’s much later than last year. But three years ago it was even later and in five years time we’ll see another late Easter date. So it’s not that exceptional to celebrate Easter on 20th April.
The advantage of a late Easter is that we are given more time to prepare for this Festival of Hope and Life; and also more time to look into the meaning of Christ’s resurrection. So, do not forget to use these extra weeks to reflect on what Easter means to you and how it may change your life. You could start now.

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