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We are a middle of the road Church of England with catholic features, offering a diverse range of services that lean towards other traditions too, and a great musical tradition.


The church is located in the old part of Wivenhoe.
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Whether you are a Wivenhoe resident who does not generally attend church, or a visitor to the town, we would love to welcome you at our services.

Information about service times is available on our regular services page, and you can catch up with what’s been happening on the news page.

Latest: Confirmation preparation starting in April.

…. and some WebWords from the Rector

The hours that followed Jesus’ death must have been the disciples’ darkest hours: they were lost, not knowing where to go, and regretting their cowardly attitude.  They were not even strong enough to gather themselves and carry on with life as usual, because life could never be ‘as usual’ again.  But it all changed on that first Easter morning when a hand dragged them out of their despair and darkness.  It was Jesus’ hand that lifted them, the hand bearing the mark of a nail.  The risen Christ gave them back their will to live.

Whether we have failed in our endeavours or in doing God’s will, or in being loving and caring to others, Easter offers us a fresh start. We can leave behind our failure, wrongdoings and sin, and start anew, fresh, clean, pure. The hand that lifted the disciples into new life is stretched out to all – grasp it.

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