Q&A website page

Today a new tab has appeared on the church website, called Seekers Corner.

It directs to a page that invites people to send in any questions they may have about Christianity or the customs and rites of the Church of England or St Mary’s in particular.

We are fortunate that we had positive reactions when the Q&A project was first mooted and so an informal panel came about of both lay and ordained members.
Any questions will be considered by one or more of the panel.
Answers (in audio or video) will be posted once a month on the Seekers Corner page.

We hope that anyone with questions will have the confidence to make use of this anonymous facility.
As always, any method of outreach we may think of needs the support in prayer of all church members and we urge you to remember this new venture in yours.

If anyone feels inspired to co-host what will essentially be a podcast with inserted panel contributions, Marika would be delighted to hear from them!

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