Churchyard closed for safety reasons

Lumps of masonry have been reported to have fallen from the tower and landing in places where people are not infrequently seen to be passing.

Photographs were taken of the pieces and show lumps of a size that could inflict injury if they were to hit persons in the churchyard.

It is for that reason that all entrances to the churchyard have been taped off today and warning signs placed.

It looks like the damage to the porch roof could have been caused by that lump bouncing off and lying in the grass in the picture on the right, so it really is not safe in the churchyard at the moment.

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2 Responses to Churchyard closed for safety reasons

  1. K Hammond says:

    There seems to be another piece which may have made a hole in the main roof, entrance side! The tape has gone & main gates need to be properly closed.


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