We’re still off-line too!

With so much recent emphasis on St Mary’s on-line activities via Facebook it’s easy to get the impression that nothing else is happening now – but there is!

From 16 August Communion services have re-started in church.
These are held at 9 am and have limited seating available: we are allowed to welcome 17 persons or more if people attend with other members of their household (in bubbles). Face coverings are mandatory.
Attendance so far has been within the permitted numbers. If numbers rise, some sort of booking scheme may become necessary but we haven’t reached that point yet.

The main Sunday service of Eucharist from the Rectory will remain available at 10.30 am on our Facebook page and the intention is to keep this going even when church opening can eventually be extended.
This decision was based on the realisation that, given the numbers watching the on-line service, there is a clear demand for this.
It is humbling that we needed the Covid-19 restrictions to open our eyes to this….

Tidings magazine August/September edition was delivered at the end of July and distribution will resume with the October edition.
We say a sincere ‘thank you’ to Roy Murchie who for many years looked after the distribution work and gratefully welcome his successor in Greg Butler.

We also welcomed Revd Dr Sara Batts-Neale, the new University Chaplain and associate priest at St Mary’s. Sara has already contributed to the Midweek Reflections and the on-line service.
We hope that she, husband Tim, Bunter the dog and Charles Parker the cat will enjoy living and working in Wivenhoe.

Our clergy team is about to be expanded further by an assistant curate when Dr Elisabeth Ring arrives. Elisabeth will be ordained to Deacon at Chelmsford cathedral on Sunday 13 September and will officiate for the first time at St Mary’s on Sunday 11 October.

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