Remember those who died from COVID19

Perhaps you have heard on the news today that a virtual Book of Remembrance for the victims of the pandemic has been opened by St Paul’s cathedral in London.
This post may help you find the site after the verbal references have vanished from memory.

The Very Revd Dr David Inson, Dean of St Paul’s, said in his welcome message

St Paul’s Cathedral in London has been for centuries a place where significant national events have been prayed for and remembered, from the outcomes and losses of war to the tragedy of Grenfell Tower – events which have touched the lives of many or all communities across the country.

This on-line book of remembrance continues that tradition in a changing world, and makes it available across the country, as together we remember and pray for one another.


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1 Response to Remember those who died from COVID19

  1. Heather Edwards says:

    Thank you. Forwarded on to others.


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