Michael Fletcher’s Stations of the Cross

As many people will remember, last Easter our church hosted an exhibition of the Stations of the Cross rendered as modern icons by the Wivenhoe based artist Michael Fletcher.
Michael had added a 15th Station to the traditional 14, so as to include the Resurrection.

Although it may seem odd to post something about the Stations after Easter, it has only now come to the attention that the church of St Mary’s Bourne Street in London had prepared an exhibition of Michael’s icons – but then came Covid-19 and with it the closure of churches.

However, St Mary’s Bourne Street’s technically savvy people then assembled a video which featured both their traditional and Michael’s icons, accompanied by organ music from their church.
It is a beautifully meditative sequence and we were kindly given permission to include the video on our website.
And of course it is not really out of time – as it ends with the 15th Station, the Resurrection!

With thanks to St Mary’s Bourne Street.

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1 Response to Michael Fletcher’s Stations of the Cross

  1. What a wonderful sequence to watch this morning – thank you.


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