More about the Transformation Project

The Transformation Project team prepared a splendid 3-D model -with removable roof- of the Annexe and it is currently on display in the church. It  gives a real feel of what the planned extension will look like. The photos below hardly do it justice so make sure you don’t miss the ‘hands-on’ experience while it is there!

On the same day that the model went on display, Anastashia Jones launched her  Transformation fundraising initiative in the form of delicious cupcakes to accompany the after-service coffee! Big thanks to her – and her mum 🙂 !

£47 raised!

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1 Response to More about the Transformation Project

  1. nomine222 says:

    Brilliant.. That makes it more real, now can see a model of it.. Looks really good… Now can see what a difference it will make to the church.. Couldn’t really visualise it before..


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