Spring Gift

QA_laceIt foams in creamy-white unfurlings,
cresting the bluebells’ receding wave;
turning woodland shade into
shimmering delight.

Dreamlike it rises, an airy froth
riding up the boles
of old oaks;
drawing the eye up their stately heights
to blue-pierced canopy above;
then down again on
rays of filtered light that play
upon the lacy veil earth wears
for its spring marriage
to heaven.

Cow parsley. A weed.
Queen Anne’s lace it’s other name.

A King’s wedding gift.

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1 Response to Spring Gift

  1. JEREMY EVANS says:

    That’s really lovely, and I have printed it off to give to the man I am helping over his phobias by walking in the woods. We will be in church again this Sunday. Bryn Evans.


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