Quiz 2023

2023 winning quiz team

15 teams subjected themselves to 10 rounds of questions by QM Peter Kerr, who was in splendid form and wearing a specially exuberant bow tie for the occasion.

We’re grateful that so many people came to support this annual fundraising event which produced £641 for St Mary’s church, and pleased that by all accounts it was an enjoyable night.

This year’s winner was the Broomfield school team, aptly named Broomsticks.
And to rub it in: there were only 5 quizzers on the team…. Well done them!

The completed score sheet can be seen on St Mary’s Facebook page.

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On the cusp of Lent

Rev Dr Sara Batts-Neale reflects on the forthcoming season of Lent in one of the Weekly Sermons made available on the Diocesan website, and in the video of it linked to in this post.

It can be viewed here.

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Music for Good Friday 2023

Rehearsals for Music for Good Friday start on Thursday 9th February in Church at 7.30pm

we welcome singers for all voice parts who may like to join us
We will sing music by Mozart and Richard Farrant.

Rehearsals continue every Thursday until the event on Good Friday 7th April at 6.00pm.

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, do contact Graham graham.wadley@tiscali.co.uk 07905075504 or any choir member.

Refer here for the performance update.

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Legs Eleven!

A Prize Bingo event will be run on Saturday February 25th at 3PM in the Annex of St Mary’s Church Wivenhoe.

We have a very experienced Bingo caller for this event. There will be four games in the first half, with a raffle at only £1 per strip, called during the light refreshment break, followed by three more games.

A strip of six Bingo tickets will be available for each of the seven games, whole books are priced at only £5. Each player has 6 opportunities at winning in each game.
Come on your own or with friends and family, why not book a whole table of six. Children are also welcome.
Contact Fundraisingwivstmarys@gmail.com

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Living in Love and Faith update

On 18 January Chelmsford Diocese posted a special edition of The View, its online news magazine, on the above topic.
It is shown in full below.


Yesterday, the College and House of Bishops met to consider a paper for the February meeting of the Church of England General Synod. The paper follows a six-year period of listening, learning and discernment focusing on questions about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage, known as Living in Love and Faith. The paper will be finalised and made publicly available on Friday, at which point we will share it with you via a further edition of The View. 

This weekend our diocesan Bishop’s Council, which consists of lay and clergy representatives from across the Diocese, will meet for their annual away day. As part of the day, Bishop’s Council will consider the LLF material in light of our diocesan direction of travel, building on the period of listening and discernment that started when Bishop Guli became Diocesan Bishop in 2021 and considering how we might travel well together. Our Bishops will then be in touch next week to share the outcomes of those discussions. 

In the meantime we wanted to share the statement below from the Church of England which has been published this morning following yesterday’s meeting of the House and College of Bishops. 

Finally, when the House and College of Bishops’ paper is published later this week and as conversations continue about Living in Love and Faith over the coming weeks, Bishop Guli is wanting to encourage all who are participating to continue to do so with openness and kindness, listening to and respecting the beliefs of others who they may disagree with. 
Bishops propose prayers of thanksgiving, dedication and for God’s blessing for same-sex couples

A Statement from the Church of England following the meeting of the College and House of BIshops.

For the first time, under historic plans outlined today, same-sex couples will be able to come to church to give thanks for their civil marriage or civil partnership and receive God’s blessing.

The Bishops of the Church of England will be issuing an apology later this week to LGBTQI+ people for the “rejection, exclusion and hostility” they have faced in churches and the impact this has had on their lives.

And they will urge all congregations in their care to welcome same-sex couples “unreservedly and joyfully” as they reaffirm their commitment to a “radical new Christian inclusion founded in scripture, in reason, in tradition, in theology and the Christian faith as the Church of England has received it – based on good, healthy, flourishing relationships, and in a proper 21st Century understanding of being human and of being sexual”. 
“God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them.”
1 John 4.16

The proposals, which follow a six-year period of listening, learning and discernment known as Living in Love and Faith, will be outlined in a report to the Church’s General Synod, which meets in London next month.

It will offer the fullest possible pastoral provision without changing the Church’s doctrine of Holy Matrimony for same-sex couples through a range of draft prayers, known as Prayers of Love and Faith, which could be used voluntarily in churches for couples who have marked a significant stage of their relationship such as a civil marriage or civil partnership.

There will be a commitment to produce new pastoral guidance in relation to the discernment of vocation, replacing the 1991 statement “Issues in Human Sexuality”, to which all clergy currently are asked to assent.

Drawing from the feedback received through Living in Love and Faith, the bishops also identify a number of key areas for further reflection and work.

Under the proposals, same-sex couples would still not be able to get married in a Church of England church, but could have a service in which there would be prayers of dedication, thanksgiving or for God’s blessing on the couple in church following a civil marriage or partnership.

The formal teaching of the Church of England as set out in the canons and authorised liturgies – that Holy Matrimony is between one man and one woman for life – would not change.

The prayers would be voluntary for clergy to use and could be used in different combinations reflecting the theological diversity of the Church.

The proposals for the Church of England follow a discussion at the Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops from around the world last year on topics including same-sex marriage and blessings.

During that discussion, the Archbishop of Canterbury made clear that the majority of the churches in the Anglican Communion continue to affirm traditional teaching on marriage, but that some have already come to a different view on sexuality “after long prayer, deep study and reflection on understandings of human nature” and now bless or celebrate same-sex unions.

Alongside the published report the bishops of the Church of England will be publishing a letter in which they apologise to LGBTQI+ people.

The letter will also speak honestly about their ongoing disagreements over the possibility of changing the Church’s teaching on marriage itself.

But they will emphasise a clear and strong desire to continue to “walk together” amid their differences.

The Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, who chaired the group of bishops which led the process of discernment and decision making, said: “I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to all who have participated in the process which has brought us to this point.

“I know that this has been costly and painful for many on all sides of the debate and has touched on deeply personal matters and strongly held beliefs.

“We have been moved by what we have heard and seen. And what has come through very clearly, even though there continues to be disagreement among the bishops and among the wider church on these questions, is a strong desire to continue to share our life together in Christ with all our differences.”

The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, said: “Over the last six years, we have been confronted time and time again with examples of the rejection, exclusion, and hostility that many LGBTQI+ people have received in churches.

“Both personally and on behalf of my fellow bishops I would like to express our deep sorrow and grief at the way LGBTQI+ people and those they love have been treated by the Church which, most of all, ought to recognise everyone as precious and created in the image of God.

“We are deeply sorry and ashamed and want to take this opportunity to begin again in the spirit of repentance which our faith teaches us.

“This is not the end of that journey but we have reached a milestone and I hope that these prayers of love and faith can provide a way for us all to celebrate and affirm same-sex relationships.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said: “I would like to thank all those across the Church of England who have participated in this deeply prayerful and theologically grounded process of discernment over the last six years.

“This response reflects the diversity of views in the Church of England on questions of sexuality, relationships and marriage – I rejoice in that diversity and I welcome this way of reflecting it in the life of our church.

“I am under no illusions that what we are proposing today will appear to go too far for some and not nearly far enough for others, but it is my hope that what we have agreed will be received in a spirit of generosity, seeking the common good.

“Most of all I hope it can offer a way for the Church of England, publicly and unequivocally, to say to all Christians and especially LGBTQI+ people that you are welcome and a valued and precious part of the body of Christ.”

Once the proposals have been debated by Synod, the House of Bishops will refine the prayers and then commend them for use.

Meanwhile a new group would be set up to produce new pastoral guidance to explain the practical implications of the bishops’ proposals and replace previous guidance and statements including Issues in Human Sexuality.


Comments on this post have been left open for use, with the caveat that anything immoderate or hateful will not be published.

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Why church bells are ringing tomorrow?

Tomorrow, New Year’s Eve 2022 will see the close of what, in future years, could be viewed as having been a historical year. To mark this St Mary’s bells will ring 2022 changes.

(A change being defined as each bell striking once within a sequence of each of the six bells.)

The bells will be ringing continuously for approximately 70 minutes, starting at approximately 10.00 am and finishing by Noon.

Adrienne Wood, our tower captain, will be taking part, the other ringers will be from other churches in the area.

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Rev Erwin’s Christmas message 2022

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The Friendly Club volunteers

At the Friendly Club’s Christmas party on Thursday 15 December, all who attended received treats, lovingly prepared by the volunteers who have been such stalwart supporters of the Club from its beginning.

There were seasonal nibbles to be enjoyed during the meeting, and a choir gave voice to ditto songs.

And as if wrapping the treats alone wasn’t good enough, volunteers had added festive little ties to a variety of take home goodies.

Such detail shows the care and love they all bring to this work and we want to thank them all for their love and support, whether it’s wrapping treats or serving the drinks and biscuits week after week, or doing any of the work that’s needed to provide this cheerful environment for lonely or elderly people in the town.

A huge Thank You
to you all!

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Carols on the Quay 2022

Christmas Community event, back after a Covid absence!

Carol lyrics link here.

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Spam warning

THIS NOTICE IS TO WARN that priests’ details in the Diocese are being used for spam messages and that Rev Erwin Lammens details have been/are being misused in this way.

Anyone receiving email from this address: boardcommittee924@gmail.com

with a message like “I hope this finds you well. Can I ask a quick Favour? Revd Erwin Lammens”

should by no means reply, but block sender and delete email.

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