August sermons

We’re continuing the on-line publication of Sunday sermons.
If you’re interested in short, thought-provoking homilies from clergy from around the Chelmsford Diocese then we have just the thing for your here.

You’ll find the weekly updates here.

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Fancy Dress Junglebook Picnic

It’s summer. And it’s the holidays.
Time to have fun and do things differently!

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When things go Covid…

As it has done not infrequently in the last couple of years, the virus yet again put the mockers on plans as soon as they were annnounced!

Our Service sheet for this morning’s service, which was published on Thursday,
named Dr Sara Batts-Neale as the president and preacher.
Alas, Sara ran foul of Covid and last minute replacements meant we had a thought-provoking sermon by Revd Janet Driver instead, with reference to this painting by Vermeer:

Unfortunately we cannot bring you the audio as well, but perhaps take a look at this Youtube reflection on today’s Gospel by Bishop Roger, which touched on some of the same ideas.

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Q&A website page

Today a new tab has appeared on the church website, called Seekers Corner.

It directs to a page that invites people to send in any questions they may have about Christianity or the customs and rites of the Church of England or St Mary’s in particular.

We are fortunate that we had positive reactions when the Q&A project was first mooted and so an informal panel came about of both lay and ordained members.
Any questions will be considered by one or more of the panel.
Answers (in audio or video) will be posted once a month on the Seekers Corner page.

We hope that anyone with questions will have the confidence to make use of this anonymous facility.
As always, any method of outreach we may think of needs the support in prayer of all church members and we urge you to remember this new venture in yours.

If anyone feels inspired to co-host what will essentially be a podcast with inserted panel contributions, Marika would be delighted to hear from them!

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Regatta 2022

Don’t forget to look in at the FOSM stall at the Regatta today, where Bill and Vivien are doing a roaring trade!

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Our on-line services

People who used to follow our on-line Sunday service will know that these ceased to be availbale after Easter this year.

However, ever since then we have linked to Bishop Roger’s Sunday podcast videos on our on-line services page.
These are usually between 12 and 15 minutes long and will appear here as soon as they’ve been posted on Roger’s Youtube channel.
Today’s has now gone up to view, and is as challenging as ever!

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Music Society concert 24 June 2022

On Friday 24th June, The Wivenhoe St Mary’s Music Society has invited Martin Newell and the Hosepipe Band to perform in St Mary’s Church. Martin is well-known in Wivenhoe. He will be reciting some of his poetry, and the band will be playing lots of what might be thought of as ‘jolly’ music.

The Hosepipe Band comprises: Cara Bruns on keyboards; Simon Haines playing concertina, melodeon, hurdy gurdy, footbass, and bandoneon; Peter Nice on upright bass and electric guitar; and Val Woollard playing the bagpipes, recorder, flute, saxophone, bells, and hammered dulcimer.

Because members of the band are from such different musical backgrounds, their music is varied and difficult to pigeonhole, with elements of rock, classical, folk, jazz. With so many Instruments, they will make a lively sound.

Tickets are £8 and includes a glass of wine or a soft drink. They are available at the Wivenhoe Bookshop or via the internet from TicketSource/Wivenhoe.
The Concert is on Friday 24th June at 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm).

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Bug events

This is getting close now so a reminder might be helpful as attendance has to be pre-booked by email:

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The BBC Essex ‘Quest’ interview

On Sunday morning 25 May BBC Essex held a radio interview with Graham Wadley and James Dodds about the Annexe and the stained glass window.

For those who missed it, here is the edited section of the programme, accompanied by a photo taken by Jean Coverley.

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Jubilee market- don’t miss it

Can this be any other than a ‘once in a life time’ event?
And what’s more: you’ll be able to put up your feet at St Mary’s while enjoying a choice of refreshments.

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