Asante sana

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Seeds of Prayer at Holy Ground

Sunday 20 January at 6 pm will see another Holy Ground gathering at St Mary’s and ALL ARE WELCOME.

The Holy Ground service-that-is-not-a-service is an opportunity for us to celebrate and discuss our faith in a relaxed way, through discussion, reflection and creativity.
This week we will be looking at ‘wind’ as part of our elements series that started with earth, and with wind as the theme, some room for a bit of a laugh!
There will be nibbles/coffee and tea available and we will be taking a short walk to the river to plant some prayers as part of our gathering this Sunday! (We will be writing prayers on special seed paper that has wildflower seeds embedded in it).

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During the Morning Service at 10.30 am on Sunday 20 January St Mary’s will host the Watoto Children’s choir.
The following information is from the Watoto website:

The Watoto Children’s Choir tours the world annually to advocate millions of African children currently orphaned by AIDS, poverty and war. The choir’s Concerts of Hope are held in churches, community halls and schools across the globe.
The Watoto Children’s Choir has performed before royalty and world leaders at Buckingham Palace, at the White House and at many national parliaments across the globe. Wherever they go, audiences are inspired as the children sing, dance and celebrate their stories of hope.

Watoto choir has been touring the Colchester area and it’s great that we have been included in the tour. Here is an example of their contribution to a service in Christ Church (not sure where in the world…).

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Bishop Stephen’s New Year message 2019

One of the joys of 2018 was returning to Spain to walk part of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. I first completed the northern Way of St James in the autumn of 2016. It’s deeply satisfying for the soul when prayer, solitude and the unrelenting tread of boot leather come together.  During the pilgrimage, yellow arrows painted on lampposts guided me through mountainous terrain. I came to rely on these arrows in this unfamiliar, beautiful place. Read the whole message

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Erwin’s Christmas message on Colne Radio

Colne Radio, our local community radio station which can be heard on line or on 106.6 FM on your radio set, will carry a short Christmas message from Erwin on 25 December.

It will be broadcast twice: once just before or after the 9 am News bulletin, and again just before or after the 12 noon News bulletin.

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Musicians for Carols on the Quay

Urgent request from the Director of Music, as several regulars cannot make it this year.
Please get in touch if you can help.

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Last Floral Workshop of the year

Easter, Summer and now Christmas – the Floral Workshops have been a popular innovation in the fundraising range of activities.
We’re very grateful to Jenny Bennett to have made them possible by donating her professional expertise – and to all the participants for their contributions.
There will be some good-looking front doors this Christmas!

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Bishop Stephen’s Advent message 2018

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Christmas Charities

This year St Mary’s PCC has chosen Namalemba (Uganda) and Beacon House (Colchester) as the Christmas Charities that will be supported with your gifts.
Envelopes were distributed with Tidings magazine and more are available at the back of the church.
Last date to make your gift is Sunday 6 January 2019.

Through our local contact Rachel Butterfiield, St Mary’s has previously supported the Mother’s Union in Namalemba and their Thank You letter (with fotos) can still be seen on the big table in the church.

With your support we will again be able to provide Parcels of Blessings. These will contain what are regarded as luxuries in Namalemba and a typical parcel is made up of
4 kg rice
1 kg meat
2 kg sugar
0.5 kg salt
1 bar of soap
tea leaves
1 loaf of bread
1 medium tin Blue Band margarine

Last year’s rice and meat together for one Parcel cost the equivalent of £2.50 in sterling. Maybe double that for the other items, £5 for a parcel?
Last year, your gifts enabled 19 people to be helped with a Parcel of Blessings.
Maybe double that this year…?

Donations to the Christmas Charities will be shared between the two named above.


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December Market

Many thanks to the fundraising committee and all the helpers who set up for the December market. No idea where they managed to stow all the chairs… but a good job they were out of the way!

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