Rector’s WebWords

Thank you for the music

With Abba’s words I would like to thank everyone in the church and the community who perform any kind of music. Music plays an important role not just in the lives of musicians, but everyone who enjoys it, whether it is at a concert or festival, at a church service, or simply at home.

I experience listening to the radio or playing a CD as uplifting, soothing, or moving. In the stressful days of exams many years ago I listened to Mozart or Rossini. Their music gave me the boost I needed on the morning of an exam. But I also remember a visit to a dying person who had requested music to be played in the room. I found it calming and comforting for both the sick person and the visitors. From the first day until the last there is music.

Good music pulls at the heart strings -excuse the pun. Churchgoers often tell me that they are moved by a hymn, anthem or organ voluntary. We must not underestimate the value of music at services on Sundays, Wednesday evenings or at concerts held in our church.

St Mary’s Wivenhoe Music society has just been launched and already organised two successful concerts. St Mary’s is one of the fortunate churches with a church choir. And of course there are St Mary’s Singers who perform at four occasions a year. We are grateful for our director of music and organist Graham Wadley, and everyone who is involved in performing music to God’s praise.