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A heart for art

Neither An nor I are good at handling a paintbrush or pencil. Nonetheless our daughter seems to display some notable artistic skills. There must be something in the tap water in Wivenhoe because our daughter’s interest in art is not an exception; there are many Wivenhovians who are artistically gifted and passionately interested in art. The many exhibitions, performances, open studios and galleries testify to flourishing artistic community.
This year again, on 1 June, some artists will show their work at Art on the Railings which is an intriguing part of the annual June Market. Uniquely at the market this year, an art work -Tropical Fish Shoal- created and donated by local artist Annie Bielecka for the transformation project appeal will be the top-notch price of the tombola. The art work includes some of the materials left over from the altar cloth and pulpit hangings in St Mary’s also created by her.
At the event there will be stalls, music groups, and food, and if we are lucky for the day to be suffused with sunshine, a cheerful atmosphere will be guaranteed. It is at an event like this that we experience that St Mary’s lies at the heart of our community. So, please support your church and enjoy its community events this spring and summer.