Rector’s WebWords

April 2019

St Mary’s church didn’t wait for spring to blossom. In the last few months we saw the church flourishing at attractive events which brought many people and not just regulars to the church: the visit from the Ugandan Watoto choir, the crib service in reverse at Candlemas, the quiz night, confirmation with Bishop Stephen, the baptism families banner making event and Mothering Sunday.

The church is going through a time of renewal just as nature is heading for spring. This spiritual revival is mirrored in the beauty of the churchyard where fresh flowers and plants now appear. And this year there could be even more flowers as the church and Wild about Wivenhoe have created a space where wildlife may flourish. Please help protect the areas in the churchyard reserved for the small and creepy creatures that will hopefully settle in their perfect environment.

While in the secular world Easter is celebrated as the day that we give thanks for the resurgence of nature, Christians add an extra dimension to it by celebrating the new and eternal life that we all receive through the risen Christ.
Christ died and is risen so that you may blossom. Happy Easter!