Pastoral Assistant

On 14 October 2017, Deirdre Gill was commissioned by the bishop at
Chelmsford Cathedral to act as a Pastoral Assistant in the Parish of Wivenhoe.
We wrote a post about it at the time.

As is the case with the Rector, the Pastoral Assistant is also available for ALL people in the Parish of Wivenhoe – not just for church folk!
Deirdre emphasises that point in her introductory piece that follows.

Hello – My name is Deirdre Gill.

I was trained as a Pastoral Assistant by the Chelmsford Diocese and now assist Erwin your Rector from St Mary’s Church with Pastoral Care in the parish of  Wivenhoe.
So what does a PA do?

Have you wanted to talk to someone about a personal issue you may have and not known who to talk to? Try me, what you say is completely confidential and you may find a solution to your problem.
Have you experienced a death in the family or of a friend and not understood your feelings, or need to express them? Are you sick or just had an operation and need to talk to someone about it? Are you lonely or live alone and feel helpless?
In this day and age when families are so scattered and far flung, or maybe too busy to listen, I am here to care, to listen, to try and help.
It helps to talk and as I said, the service is completely confidential.

Ring 820982 to speak to me or leave your phone number and name and I will contact you as soon as possible.