Martin Newell and The Hosepipe Band

Performing at Wivenhoe St Mary’s Music Society on Friday 24th June, 2022

Bringing together poetry and music in an original collaboration, the acclaimed poet, songwriter and East Anglian Daily Times columnist and resident of Wivenhoe, Martin Newell will read some of his poetry accompanied by original music composed and played by The Hosepipe Band.

The programme will combine poems and music from Martin’s established works: Song of the Waterlily, Black Shuck, The Green Children and Jigsaw Coast, plus some new pieces for 2022: The Professor’s Garden and New Elizabethans. In the latter, Martin reminds us what ordinary life was like when the Queen first came to the throne.

The Hosepipe Band is:
Cara Bruns – keyboards
Simon Haines – concertina, melodeon, hurdy gurdy, footbass, bandoneon
Peter Nice – upright bass, electric guitar
Val Woollard – bagpipes, recorder, flute, saxophone, bells, hammered dulcimer

Because members of the band are from such different musical backgrounds, their music is varied and difficult to pigeonhole, with elements of rock, classical, folk, jazz.

Martin Newell and The Hosepipe Band have made three CD recordings
The Song of The Waterlily & Black Shuck
The Green Children and Other Poems
Jigsaw Coast
These are available, together with a wealth of information about the band on their website at: