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June 2020

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LATEST NEWS: Please read the Rector’s letter re phased re-opening of St Mary’s from later this month.


Smile again

You may remember the talk by cartoonist Dave Walker that we organised in church in 2018. Dave’s cartoons illustrate that there is humour in many situations of church life. Not only church but life in general should include some light-heartedness. In particular in this worrying time our sense of humour is essential for our well-being. A smile brings healing.

Humour currently helps me through a feature of my ministry that is new since the beginning of the crisis. The ministry of a Parish priest is typically a well-balanced mixture of joy and grief, celebration and commemoration. In the last couple of months weddings and baptisms have been cancelled, and I was not permitted to visit ill people and bereaved families. This has created an imbalance in my pastoral ministry. This is emotionally draining. I know you experience the same in your relationships with your friends and family; just when others need you most, social distancing prevents you from being physically close to them.

But because of this challenging situation we have seen tremendous creativity and initiatives that have united people in spirit. And for those who are isolating internet, phone and publications like Tidings have been a real lifeline. After several weeks of isolation people start counting their blessings and, as the rainbow appears with the showers, our smile can be seen again (unless it is hidden behind a facemask). As Christians we live life lightly and solemnly at the same time because we rejoice and hope in a life-giving God.

We conclude Eastertide – the season of life and joy – with the feast of Pentecost. As the anxious disciples did, you may open your heart for God’s spirit who echoes the words of our risen Lord: ‘Do not be afraid. Peace be with you.’



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©David Walker, used with permission

Bishop Stephen’s Easter message
It can be read here