This Month

October 2020

Beginning Sunday 4 October this is the new church opening schedule:

Sunday 10.30 am Communion service
on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Sunday.

3rd Sunday,
Communion service at 9 am, and
Morning Prayer at 10.30 am

Booking a seat for the above is essential, call 07754 217 399 between 4-6 pm on Fridays
The wearing of face coverings when attending church is compulsory.

On-line Sunday service at 10.30 from the Rectory will continue and can be followed on our Facebook page and on the Services tab of this website.

Midweek Reflection is on line with a Youtube video being posted every Wednesday late afternoon on the News page.


You are St Mary’s

Dear friends,

It has become standard to begin a conversation by asking about people’s health and whether they are coping with the crisis. You no longer get the default ‘I am fine’ to the question ‘How are you?’ People open up about their struggle, the lack of social contact, the increased workload, the uncertainty, and issues with mental or physical health. While we keep in our bubble or household the need for contact with the world outside grows. I encourage people to use their network of relatives, friends, and the church family to tackle isolation and loneliness.

Svein Kjenner shared with me a most beautiful picture of our Parish church- it’s on the cover of October Tidings. Taken from a bird’s perspective using a drone, it shows the beauty of our historic building. After six centuries the church is still in an excellent condition. Building works over the years, also recently, have kept the church in a good state. And you know that we have big plans to adapt the building to contemporary needs. The brilliant state in which we find our church is the result of generations caring for the building. Today is not any different: together we are the stewards and guardians of St Mary’s. By caring for the church you present to our community an excellent place of worship, spirituality, education, culture and entertainment.

The word in the Bible for church means gathering. Meeting and celebrating together is at the heart of the church. The first Christians could do church nearly everywhere. It is only later that they started to build meeting venues which they then called ‘church’. But in first instance people are the church. You are St Mary’s, the living stones that knit our society together in peace and understanding.

As a church family we are called not just to maintain and conserve the building but also to care for each other, church and non-church people alike. No one in this community should be left on their own. There is always someone expecting your phone call or email when you struggle. The many friends at St Mary’s, our pastoral assistant and myself are there for you, to listen and to give you the support you need. Just one request we have: pray that we may persevere in giving, encourage others and feel encouraged, and keep strong with God’s help.


Annual Parish Church Meeting



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