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Saturday 28 March at 7 pm CANCELLED
St Mary’s Annual Quiz, to be held at the Congregational church. See poster for details.

Monday 30 March at 8 pm
VIRTUAL MEETING of the Men’s Group.
Contact Douglas if you haven’t received the email invitation to join the ZOOM meeting.

April 2020



Stay in touch at Easter

In this coronavirus period we refrain from shaking hands, hugging and kissing. That’s the right thing to do. However, we feel that there is something lacking in our communication if we only use words to show our sympathy with others. We miss the physical expressions of friendship. The sense of touch assists our perception of reality. So how to convey our friendship, sympathy or love without touching?

During Holy Week and Easter we realise that communication between Jesus and his disciples often happened through touch and physical closeness. Jesus was betrayed through a kiss by one of his disciples, he was pushed up towards Golgotha when carrying the cross, and when he had died his body was lowered from the cross, carried away and laid in a tomb. With numerous artistic expressions of this last scene in mind, we realise that many hands were involved, and that there was a lot of touching and probably caressing. When on that first Easter day the disciples were told that he had been raised from the dead, one of the disciples could only believe it after he had touched Jesus’ wounds in his side, hands and feet.

Unlike the disciples, we cannot touch Christ or experience His physical touch. But we know that He still pours His blessing and healing on us, the members of the risen body of Christ. We know ourselves to be touched by His love. In this intangible way we, too, can touch others – in our expressions of caring and by letting our love for each other be known in non-physical ways.
It may take efforts of imagination: a small gesture from us as a response to Jesus’ immense love for us.
Happy Easter!


©David Walker, used with permission

Bishop Stephen’s Easter message
It can be read here