Bible Study

There are TWO Bible Study groups.

The FIRST one meets in the afternoon and is led by Glyn Stanway, Reader at St Mary’s.
Open to everyone who wants to discuss the world’s best selling book and learn about its author. We take Bible passages as starting points for informal discussions on faith and experience.
Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month, at 2.30 pm at
12 Conway Close and the dates of meetings are published in the monthly calendar on this website.
It is advisable to give Glyn a call on 822620 to confirm the published date.

The SECOND group meets in the evening and is led by Rev Julia Murphy, Chaplain at the University of Essex.
Are you free on Thursday evenings? Are you keen to know more about Christianity or are you just hungry for more of God’s word?
Then the Thursday Group could be for you.
This group will focus on studying different books of the Bible, with a mixture of Old and New Testament themes, offering the opportunity to delve deeper into Scripture.

Meetings are held twice a month on the first and third Thursday at 7.30pm at Mariners, Rectory Hill.  If you are interested in joining please contact Rev Julia Murphy on 01206 683676 (please leave a message!).

This table shows the Thursday evening discussion topics until Easter 2019.
‘Prophesies pointing to the coming of the Messiah’

4 October The Crusher Genesis 3.15
18 October The One who would bless Genesis 12.3
1 November A Prohet like Moses Deuteronomy 18.15
15 November The Substitute Isaiah 53.5
6 December Born in Bethlehem of Judah Micah 5.2
20 December Born of a virgin Isaiah 7.14
3 January A humble King Zechariah 9.9-10
17 January Pierced for our transgression Isaiah 53.5
7 February Buried with the rich Isaiah 53.9
21 February The Resurrected King Psalm 16.10
7 March The Returning King Daniel 7.13-14
21 March An Eternal Kingdom Isaiah 9.6-7
4 April The Sun of Righteousness Malachi 4.2
18 April Maundy Thursday – No meeting