Behind the Organ 2015

There’s a REAL room behind the organ where we have SundayClub but THIS is our web site room.
We put things here, so we can look at them again later.


22 February was the First Sunday of Lent and in Sunday Club we read the Bible story about how Jesus was tempted by the Devil when he was in a really vulnerable state: he’d been by himself in the desert for 40 days and not eaten! And the Bible story told how Jesus resisted the temptations by remembering the words of God.
That’s still a very good way of dealing with temptations!
Here are some beautifully coloured pictures to go with the story.
temptation1 temptation2

Nativity Play
What a fantastic Nativity Play we had! TWENTY of you took part in it, and all parents and Sunday Club leaders and other helpers. And what a great story about Morris the Donkey, who found that his manger was being used by all sorts of creatures while he was trying to sleep: a goat, a chicken, a goose, mice and spiders. Morris didn’t like that at all…
SHOO! SHOO! SHOO! Get out of my manger!
But then, Morris found baby Jesus in his manger and he thought that was a bit different, didn’t he? Once he saw that Jesus had come into his very own manger he was HAPPY for him to stay there!
We have lots of pictures that were taken during the rehearsal. Enjoy looking at them!

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Christingles don’t grow on trees!
Everyone knows that ORANGES grow on trees but before they become CHRISTINGLES there’s a lot of work to be done!
Look at our gallery of pictures (click on the first one to open the gallery) and see how your Christingle was made ready.

30 November, Advent Sunday

Today we thought about the WHOLE UNIVERSE! All the planets and stars – especially the STARS.
Advent and stars go together. A special STAR showed people the way to the place where Jesus was born. Do you see the red arrow in the picture? That’s Tom’s star, dangling in the Universe. It’s a bit side-on, so you need to look closely to see it.

But that’s good: during Advent we all need to watch closely, so we don’t miss the important messages that tell us what Christmas is really about.

12 October
Our page is getting LONGER and LONGER but every bit is still different!
Except that we saw another Baptism today but they’re also all different.JacobW
It was Jacob who got baptised today and he was wearing a very special christening gown: we heard that it was the same one his father and also his grandfather had on for their Baptisms – imagine hold OLD it must be!
It still looked new though, as you can see on the picture.

We always come out of our Room behind the Organ to watch when there is a Baptism because we have to help with the saying WELCOME afterwards, and the applause ๐Ÿ™‚
That means we don’t have so much time to finish our activity. We made Thank You poems, to go with the story of saying Thank You to God when good things happen. It was really difficult to think of a word beginning with U! You can read them better if you click on the first picture.

28 September
AUTHORITY is one of those big, difficult words that you can find in some Bible stories.
We thought about what it means, so we could understand this morning’s story better.
Here are some of the pictures we drew to show what sort of people have AUTHORITY. Click on the first picture to open the gallery.

21 September
We talked about making choices in Sunday Club. Good choices and Bad choices.
Here is a picture of a maze that Abe completed. The maze shows how Bad choices lead to a Dead End.20140921_115007
Of course, you can always turn round when you come to a Dead End but Abe did pretty good; there were no wrong turnings in the green line at all.
Well done, indeed!20140921_115105
Tom was a little young to do this maze so he drew a picture of a person. It looks like the person made Good choices, too, because I can see a big smile ๐Ÿ™‚

14September14Did you have a good Holiday?
Sunday Club has now started back after the summer break.
Today on 14 September there was a very special service in the church, with lots of important people visiting. That’s because the University of Essex was celebrating its 50th anniversary.
But in our Room Behind the Organ we did something special too. We talked about FORGIVENESS and Benjamin did a beautiful colouring picture of it.

27 JulyNoah_July2014
Even though Sunday Club is taking a break, BAPTISMS are still happening and I thought you might like to say HELLO to Noah, who was baptised this morning.

Here he is with his mum and his godparents. He looked ever so surprised when we all clapped after the Baptism but I think he liked it ๐Ÿ™‚ We were very happy to welcome Noah into the family of the church and hope that he will join us in Sunday Club when he has grown up a bit more.

13 July. Look what we talked about today: SEEDS!
SeedsAnd how seeds need good soil so they can grow into proper plants. You can see what happened to the seed that went into poor soil: the plant in the pot- it’s all SHRIVELLED UP and not grown well at all!

But at least it had started to grow; our picture at top right shows that sometimes the seeds don’t get a chance AT ALL because the birds come and eat them first (you can see better if you click on the picture).
Jesus told many stories and often the people had to try and figure out what they meant- that’s why they are called PARABLES: stories with a hidden meaning.
Jesus told this story about the seeds and how they need good soil to grow in. Perhaps what he really wanted you to figure out though, was what he meant: that to learn how to be a follower of Jesus you need a good environment to learn in โ€” like SUNDAY CLUB!

22 June. One day Jesus was telling his disciples how much God cares about each of us.sparrows
Jesus said that God our heavenly Father is aware of every little sparrow and he said that if God cares even about little sparrows, He was sure to care about us!
So we made the birds we’re showing in the picture, to go with the Bible story.


15 June We tried to get our heads around something quite difficult: the idea of the TRINITY (because today is called Trinity Sunday).Trinity TRINITY means that, though we speak of God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, there is just ONE God.

The Sunday Club leader had prepared an activity to help us understand it a bit: we made something that showed how THREE things could also be ONE thing at the same time, like a triangle having three separate sides and when they are joined together they’re just one triangle.
In the picture Abe is showing what we made to try and understand TRINITY.

The good thing about TRIANGLES is that they are VERY STRONG STRUCTURES. And also that each side is as strong as the others – so you cannot squash them.


25 May our Sunday Club was quite short because there was a BAPTISM and we all came out of our Room Behind the Organ to watch it.

First it was Dustin’s turn to be baptised. He was an adult and we didn’t know that adults could be baptised also but they CAN! It was a bit different because he had to lean over the font so father Erwin could pour the water over his head. And then he got a towel.

Then it was the turn of Millie May, she was a baby. She is the middle one in the picture and she didn’t cry at all MillieMay๐Ÿ™‚
And after that a cross was signed on her forehead with oil and on Dustin’s too. We were given a sniff of the oil and it smelled like PERFUME – but it was special oil for baptisms.

The water was also special: it was mixed with a little bit of water from the river Jordan, that’s where JESUS HIMSELF was baptised. And then they got candles to light, to show that they must shine as a light in the world. We said those words to them all together, and also to remind ourselves.

11 May we did WOOLLY things ๐Ÿ™‚
We talkedย about the Good Shepherd – that’s one of the stories that Jesus told to teach us that He will always look after us.
And then we made sheep masks with sheep’s wool, and sheep pictures. We also had a real shepherd’s crook, that’s for lifting up sheep when they cannot do it by themselves.


19 April was our EASTER WORKSHOP and there were 47 of us which was good, because there was a lot to do – and also lots of cupcakes to eat ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, we’re making a clean sweep of our Behind the Organ page to make space for the photos of the Workshop, and also because Easter is all about NEW BEGINNINGS.
Enjoy the pictures, and the STORY at the bottom of the page.
Click on the first picture to open the slide Gallery.




Are you looking forward to Easter?
There are Easter eggs in the shops already, but it’s still a little way off.
The 6 week period before Easter is called L E N T and we’re now in it. Mothering Sunday was when we were half-way through LENT so maybe you can now work out how many weeks after Monthers Day it will be EASTER!

L E N Tย  is a very special time. It’s when we prepare ourselves for the big feast of Easter by living a bit differently.
One way of living DIFFERENTLY is to remember to PRAY, every day!
Sometimes it’s easy to forget about praying so during L E N Tย  we make a special effort.

Here is something you can make to help you remember: a PRAYER CHAIN.


Some prayers can be quite short, some can be a bit longer – it doesn’t matter about the length. Just take your time about thinking them up.
There’s a lot you can pray about: begin by thinking about things far away from yourself, and then CIRCLE by CIRCLE think of things that are closer to yourself, like your family and your friends.
It’s OK to pray for yourself too, but try to think of others first.

Are you good at your times tables? If you are, what’s 6 x 7 ?




Well Done if you said 42!
L E N T is about 6 weeks long – that would be 42 days!
But actually it’s 40 days, that’s why you made 40 prayer circles.
If you remember one circle every day you will certainly have made a good Easter preparation this year!