Behind the Organ

SundayClubTHIS is our web site room. We put the things we made here, so we can look at them again later.

22 April 2019
We had our Easter Workshop today. We did lots of different activities.

We made an Easter Garden with real flowers

And then we had loads of craft
Easter 2019 children's activities
And also Bible story telling about Easter in between
Joseph of Arimathea
And a pretty good party at the end!

So now we are starting our Behind the Organ page all over again, because Easter is when all things are made new :)!


Story corner


Did you ever get separated on a family outing?
Perhaps in a shop, or on the beach?
And perhaps your parents found you before you had found them?
They would have been terribly worried when they realised you were missing.

When Jesus was a young boy, Mary and Joseph suddenly realised He was missing from the group they were traveling with. They were terribly worried.
The Bible story tells how they looked for him for three anxious days. (Luke 2. 42-48)
And then they found him.
They must have been overjoyed, just as your parents would have been when they found you (even if perhaps they didn’t show it…)

Isn’t that almost like the Easter story.
On Good Friday, Mary of Magdala thought she had lost her dearest friend forever because he had died on the cross.
On the third day after that, she found him again:
He suddenly turned up…. ALIVE!
At first, she didn’t even recognise him – she thought he was the gardener.

But then he said her name: “Mary”.
And she knew at once.

Can you just imagine her joy!
You can tell from the way she showed it.
She ran and told all the others: “I HAVE SEEN THE LORD!

That’s why people have a smile on their face when they greet each other on Easter Sunday with this special greeting: CHRIST IS RISEN! ALLELUIA!
Can you feel it yourself? – The joy, that Jesus, your best friend, is alive forever more, and always with you!

The picture is about this story. It is in one of the windows in our church. Can you find it?


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