Behind the Organ 2016-2017

SundayClubTHIS is our web site room. We put the things we made here, so we can look at them again later.


Some very impressive pictures to go with this difficult subject!

Mary and Joseph went to the Temple in Jerusalem to present Jesus. They had brought two turtle doves with them because that was what the law said they must give when they came.
Oliver made a dove while listening to the story of Simeon, an old man who lived in the Temple. When Simeon saw Jesus he took him in his arms and told everybody that Jesus was the LIGHT that had come into the World. So that is what the candle in the picture is about.

Epiphany Sunday
Today we had a story about the three Magi who are also called the Wise Men, or the three Kings. We brought the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh into the church and then we talked about why they were a good choice to give to Jesus. And we finished our drawings.


Our Nativity play
Some pictures of It’s A Party!
Well done everybody, the people in church thought it was marvellous!!

Advent Sunday
Each Sunday of Advent we think about different people in the Bible who are all connected with theadventcandle Christmas story. We lit the first candle on the Advent wreath today. Next week we’ll light two, and then three, until they’re all lit up and then the next Sunday it will be Christmas!

We also made Advent calendars with a difference!
The usual ones have one window for each day from now till Christmas, but ours have one window for each Sunday in Advent, to go with the candles.
Our windows tell the story from when the angel Gabriel first told Mary that she was going to be the mother of Jesus. We’ll keep colouring and sliding out the next one for each Sunday in Advent until the whole Christmas story is visible!

20 November
Today was our last Sunday Club before Advent, that’s the beginning of Christmas.
We made pictures of Kings because Jesus Christ is a King and we tried to think how he would look. We used a lot of glitter to show how brilliant he was. And a CROWN.


30 October
For All Saints Sunday today, we learned about some of the Saints and we coloured a fold-up book that became a Cross when you unfold it and you can see the Saints we learned about, like in the picture.
The Saints we did were St Mary, St Catherine, St Francis, St Nicholas, St George and
St Peter.
Can you guess who is who in our pictures?
There is a special story about St Nicholas for you. Click on the Jump to Story Corner button above to read it.

On 9 October we had a lot to say THANK YOU for so we wrote Thank You cards and put them in an envelope with a stamp, ready to go in the post.
This is a picture of Safi’s card. All the others had been sealed up already so we couldn’t see them anymore.

What a VERY long time ago it seems that there was something new on this page about the Sunday Club but I know you’ve all been very busy, especially at our Harvest service when you were helping to collect up all the Harvest gifts in a wheel barrow!

AND THEN we were also choosing a new name for our special service on the first Sunday of the month, with gold stars for the best name.
I think the new name that got the most gold stars was Church Together – or maybe it was Altogether Church? If you know, you can say what you think of the new name in a comment on this page 🙂

12 June, Queen’s 90th birthday
This was quite a special Sunday Club! We talked about serving others, like the Queen has done.
Trinity Sunday

15 May, Pentecost
We had a Bible story about when the Holy Spirit came to the disciples and it looked like flames. Then we made as many flames as we could.
There were LOTS! …. we had a bowl full of them. But we gave them to all the people in the church. Everybody took them home so here is a picture of some that we could find after the end of the service.

8 May
ASCENSION is when Jesus went back to heaven to be with God the Father again. But he didn’t really leave us: in his heart, he took all of us with him!
Edward, Elizabeth, Oliver, Chloe and Luke all made pictures of what it must have looked like when that happened – we could imagine it a little from the Bible story.

1 May was the All Age Worship service so then we stay in the church. We helped John to show sign language to the people, and then there was the welcome to Toby part, when he received his Baptism candle to take home so he can light it on special occasions.

27 March
Easter Sunday is the day for celebrating that after the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday, NEW LIFE began!
“Alleluiah, He is Risen” we say to each other, and then again
“He is risen indeed! Alleluiah”, like an echo going round and round the world!

It’s enough to make you feel dizzy: to know that Jesus’ death was not the end but a new BEGINNING and that Jesus is still with us today, just as he was with the disciples after God had raised him up.
It’s also the beginning of a whole New Story about us, and the kind of people we can now be if we follow Jesus.

Bethanymeal13 March
Today we had a Bible story about a dinner party! It would have been wonderful if we could have been there because Jesus came to dinner at the house of Martha and Mary and Lazarus. Martha served and Mary did a very special thing: she put a whole lot of very costly oil on Jesus’ feet, the whole house was filled with the perfume of it. And then she used her long hair to dry his feet.
One of Jesus’ disciples grumbled about the waste of it. “If we’d sold that we would have had a lot of money to give to the poor!” he said. Jesus told him to keep quiet. He understood why Mary had done it: because he would soon be arrested andstorywheel condemned to death. Mary had done an act of great love for him.
We had some party food because of the dinner in the story, and also some mystery smells  (they’re under the foil covers in the picture) while we were thinking about the story of Jesus from the beginning to the end of his life – that’s what the STORY WHEEL was about. Leo made this one.

Jesus: Light of the World20160131_113549
Today  is Candlemas and there were lots of candles in the church. We made a den under the table and then we went in it and it was really dark until we switched on a torch. It felt good with the light on, things looked different.
After that we drew pictures to show how dark things in the world can be made better when the Light of Jesus shines on them.
In Tom’s picture you can see the sick woman smiling because Jesus made her better .