Behind the Organ 2015-2016

Nativity Play
We needed TWO STAGES to do our Nativity play: one for Nazareth for the beginning and one for Bethlehem for the end.
They were not so far apart but we all had a lot of walking from Nazareth to Bethlehem because we went the long way, ALL the way round the church.
Except for the THREE KINGS, they rode on camels (their mums!).

There are a lot of pictures to look at, s-o-o-o many that they had to go on a separate page and you need to send an email to before you can see them all. But here are a couple of them, to show all the WALKING we did! (except for the Kings).


29 November
Advent begins today! You can click on the Story Button above to read more about Advent!
In Sunday Club we painted night skies and we made a STAR move across the sky. That is from the Bible story about when the star showed where Jesus was born.

8 November
What do you do when your name is called?
I guess you call back and say: “I’m here!” (except when you’re hiding….)

In Sunday Club we talked about people who had called “I’m here!”
Today, on Remembrance Sunday, we think especially of people who answered the call to become soldiers to defend our country – and then were killed.
But we also think of all sorts of other people who also lost their lives because of war.
Luke, Elsa, Thomas and Isabella made the poppies in the picture, and one extra for the church. That’s about remembering.

WE also have A CALL; when Jesus said we should try to be Peacemakers.
If we shout back “I’m here!” when we hear that Call, then one day there will be no more wars.
We can all help in a small way to make that happen, by not having fights with each other.


25 October
Today’s story was about Bartimaeus, a blind man. He was begging by the road side when he knew from the voices of passers by that Jesus was coming. He shouted out to attract attention and when Jesus asked him what he wanted, Bartimaeus replied that he would like to see again. And then Jesus made it happen!
We made a head band to imagine what it was like if you could suddenly could see again.
27 September
Sometimes Bible stories are quite difficult to understand.
Jesus said that we should be like SALT because with salt food tastes better.
What it really meant is that the world is a better place when Jesus is in it, just as food is nicer when it has salt added to it. And if we become his friends then Jesus comes into the world through our friendship with him.
And then we made salt dough figures – which was messy but fun!


13 September
followingfeetToday we thought about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. It’s more than being a member of His fan club, more than wearing an I ♥ JESUS T-shirt, or WWJD bracelet, or a necklace with a cross on it.
It means doing things like feeding the hungry, being a friend to the friendless, to love the unlovely, showing the love that Jesus showed to everyone we meet.
We drew around our feet and wrote some actions on them.

This is the picture we made at the beginning of our new Sunday Club year.
It shows US AND ALL OUR FRIENDS. Look closely and you can see some big HEARTS. That’s for showing we love them because they’re our friends.
Our story was about how Jesus loves all of us so we must also try to love each other, even if they’re not friends yet.