Pews for Sale


St Mary’s Church is making significant alterations to the interior of the building and as a result we have some pews to sell. Not only is this a chance to buy a piece of local history but also an opportunity to acquire a wonderful piece of furniture!
Made of oak, the pews have one beautifully carved end piece and some even come with a full length cushion for the seat! We have

  • 7 measuring approximately 260cm in length (valued in the region of £300);
  • 1 measuring approximately 275 cm (again valued in the region of £300);
  • 1 measuring approximately 195cm (valued in the region of £200) and finally
  • 2, without carved ends, measuring approximately 105cm (valued in the region of £150). Photographs are available from the email address below.

So, if you would like to have a unique piece of furniture in your home as a table-bench; in your hallway or on the upstairs landing we can offer free delivery to homes in Wivenhoe (our thanks to Dave Whymark of Jones & Whymark for providing the transportation).

If you are interested in purchasing a pew we are accepting sealed bids, the deadline for which is 1st March, 2021. The Revd. Erwin Lammens will be opening the envelopes at some point during the week beginning 1st March and notification of successful bidders will arrive soon thereafter.
Please ensure that you include your full details with your bid (name and address) and the length of pew you would like to buy.
Your envelope, clearly marked ‘Sale of pews’, should be sent to: The Rectory, 44, Belle Vue Road, Wivenhoe CO7 9LD

All proceeds will go towards our comprehensive refurbishment programme known as The Transformation Project.
If you need more information please email:

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