Church re-opening arrangements

The first phase of gradually re-opening St Mary’s church will commence
on Saturday 27 June from 2pm to 4pm, and then successive Saturdays at that same time.
Below the poster is the relevant extract from Revd Erwin Lammens’ letter published earlier, and a Youtube video showing what to expect when visiting the church.

From Erwin’s letter

Everyone is welcome in principle. Because the amended lay-out of the church does not allow visitors to sit together in twos or more, members of the same household will be shown separate seats. For this reason children under 10 may not feel comfortable to be separated from their parent or carer. Each visitor will be seated at some distance from others. Children age 10 or older who want to pray in the church will need to be accompanied by a parent or carer and sit separately from them. Babies carried on an arm are welcome of course.

People who are shielding to protect themselves and others should remain at home until the time that they can safely leave the house. When that time comes we will be thrilled to see them back in church.
Though the Government has given the go ahead for the re-opening of churches, each one has the responsibility to assess whether or not it will be safe for people to visit. For that reason several churches have decided not to open their doors as they cannot comply with the guidance. At St Mary’s we have made huge efforts to welcome people in a safe environment.
Touch-free sanitisers have been purchased with the support of a generous donor. The church will be cleaned and sanitised weekly before the two hour timeslot for prayer. For reasons of safety we cannot open our toilets at this stage. Only 12 people can be allowed at the same time and if this capacity has been reached people will be asked to wait until someone has left.

There will be a one way system. Volunteers will be around to assist you during your visit.
With all this in place St Mary’s Standing Committee, in consultation with our Health and Safety Officer, is satisfied that everything has been done to reach the highest possible degree of safety as long as people keep to the instructions regarding two meters social distancing and sanitise their hands at the touch-free sanitisers when they walk in
and out.

Download the letter in full.

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1 Response to Church re-opening arrangements

  1. Peter Terry says:

    Well explained Erwin!I agree with Bonnie – you have brilliantly embraced a new and daunting skill – no looking back now – St Mary’s is well and truly on the virtual path to creative ministry!


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