Confirmation service 2019

In a wonderful service, conducted by the diocesan bishop the Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, 10 candidates from St John’s Colchester and St Mary’s Wivenhoe confirmed their commitment to a Christian life and discipleship of Jesus.
At the end of the service the bishop and newly confirmed processed out of the church, carrying candles to symbolise taking the Light of Christ out into the community, before returning inside for the group photo. Here’s a glimpse.

Rosemary, who is our link with Namalemba in Uganda, had told the community there about the forthcoming Confirmation and had passed on the names of the candidates to her correspondents, with the request that they pray for them. Today we had their email response:

Greetings from the Christian women of Namalemba to our sisters of Wivenhoe U.K.
We want to assure you that we joined you in the prayers of our brothers who were confirmed on 3rd March.
We prayed at 09:00 hours East African Standard Time. The prayer was led by our Vicar, Lastone Bagaga for 20 minutes. We hope that your people had a peaceful prayer, which will guide them in executing their work.
Please convey our love and greetings to them and to all our brothers and sisters with much hope that they will have a peaceful Ash Wednesday on 6th March.
God Bless You.
Betty Mafuko, Betty Kakya, Charles.

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1 Response to Confirmation service 2019

  1. nomine222 says:

    Excellent seeing bit of video of service.. Couldnt get there so was great to see…


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