Tony Forsgate: 90 not out

We tagged a celebration  on to the end of the morning service on 17 February.

Graham Wadley, Director of Music, said:
“We’re celebrating Tony’s 90th birthday and also marking his retirement, last Christmas, from St Mary’s choir after just over 50 years singing with us, man and boy – though I don’t remember the boy bit! He first sang here until his voice broke, then devoted part of his life to cricket and rejoined the choir in the mid 70s singing bass -just as his father Tom had done before him. When Tom retired Tony took over the family tradition of singing bass. Daughters Judith and Alison were also members (at that time we had a choir of over 20-odd children) and shortly afterwards Shirley joined as well. In those days we had two services and Tony was incredibly loyal. So thank you Tony, for all your time and devotion. You always said that you couldn’t read music but I think you underestimated your ability!”

Tony responded: “Can I just thank Graham for all the work he puts in for the choir. At that time we had 40 members and for those who are still singing: thank you very much!
Good memories!”

Erwin presented a bouquet to Shirley, thanking her for all her support over the years.
Cake and sherry were enjoyed by all.

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1 Response to Tony Forsgate: 90 not out

  1. Alison Jefferies says:

    Well done Dad (Tony Forsgate ), singing in the church choir was definitely a family tradition!!!!


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