Christmas Charities

This year St Mary’s PCC has chosen Namalemba (Uganda) and Beacon House (Colchester) as the Christmas Charities that will be supported with your gifts.
Envelopes were distributed with Tidings magazine and more are available at the back of the church.
Last date to make your gift is Sunday 6 January 2019.

Through our local contact Rachel Butterfiield, St Mary’s has previously supported the Mother’s Union in Namalemba and their Thank You letter (with fotos) can still be seen on the big table in the church.

With your support we will again be able to provide Parcels of Blessings. These will contain what are regarded as luxuries in Namalemba and a typical parcel is made up of
4 kg rice
1 kg meat
2 kg sugar
0.5 kg salt
1 bar of soap
tea leaves
1 loaf of bread
1 medium tin Blue Band margarine

Last year’s rice and meat together for one Parcel cost the equivalent of £2.50 in sterling. Maybe double that for the other items, £5 for a parcel?
Last year, your gifts enabled 19 people to be helped with a Parcel of Blessings.
Maybe double that this year…?

Donations to the Christmas Charities will be shared between the two named above.


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