Black Friday #BuyNothingDay

Greenbelt Festival closed its box office for the day, encouraging others to “do something that doesn’t cost any money!

Or why not turn the whole invitation to be tempted into consumerism properly on its head and GIVE money.
St Mary’s Christmas Appeal 2017 is for Boxes of Blessing for Namalemba, Uganda. Through the link we have with the Mothers Union there, we’ll help towards the distribution of essentials to the most needy in that parish.

We did the same last year, enabling the MU to give out food parcels just before Christmas. After Christmas when another payment was sent they purchased goats and chickens and spent the balance on financing a place at a school for a blind child in their congregation.
They told us a significant difference had been made to the lives of many in the community.

We hope that this year the Boxes of Blessings will be well filled through people’s generosity.


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1 Response to Black Friday #BuyNothingDay

  1. Heather says:

    Great stuff, excellent, money well spent 😊


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