Something for all of us from the #Refresh conference

If you saw one last Sunday, you’ll remember that the pew sheet asked for prayers for those attending the Diocesan #Refresh Conference for clergy and other ministers at the University of Essex this week.
Judging by the Tweets that have been coming out of the event we may be thankful that Erwin had this opportunity to refresh his ministry and himself, and be inspired by the company and the speakers.

One speaker in particular seemed to hit a chord with many: his name is Fr Raniero Cantalamessa and he is not exclusive in his encouragement. Here is a quote by him for all of us.

Laypeople are a kind of nuclear energy in the Church on a spiritual level. A layperson caught up with the gospel and living next to other people can “contaminate” two others, and these two, four others, etc.
Since lay Christians number not only tens of thousands like the clergy but hundreds of millions, they can truly play a decisive role in spreading the beneficial light of the gospel in the world.

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