Prospective warmth

This week the installation work for the new heating system began. An update to the Latest developments can be read here. The work is expected to last for four weeks and although it will cause some disturbance, at least we’ll be able to look forward to a very different winter experience from the last one, when the roof was off at the worst possible time of the year!

Adrian Multon, who previously provided some delightful photographic shots of the church’s interior when the scaffolding was up (all accessible from the Restoration page), has now added more pictures that show the Before & After of the repairs to the stonework. See them here.

And then there was the moth night in the cemetery yesterday which had been announced in the calendar on the This Month page. It sounds as if people who attended the event would have had a fascinating time and if you weren’t one of them: here is the write-up plus some lovely pictures of moths.

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