Colne Radio

It started out as Wivenhoe Radio but had an audience well beyond, so the name was changed to Colne Radio. Working from a studio in the Brook Street business centre, community volunteers make and contribute to programmes that can only be heard via the internet. Recently OffCom granted the station an FM licence which means people will be able to listen to Colne Radio on their ordinary radios.

You may know that, for a number of years now, Colne Radio has scheduled annual Christmas and Easter messages from the Rector Rev Erwin Lammens that were recorded at St Mary’s. There is scope and enthusiasm for further programming of this nature.

Colne Radio needs money to get the transmitter mast that’s needed for FM. So the station is fundraising via a short crowd funder campaign. The campaign runs until 4 July and aims to raise £3000. Half of that was pledged in the first three days of the campaign.
Colne Radio supports other local organisations. They would be grateful for your support.
Latest: Wivenhoe Town Council has let it be known that it will accept cheques made out to Colne Radio. WTC will only act as a postbox. Cheques should be placed inside a sealed envelope and also have your name and contact details inside. The envelopes will then be passed on to the organisers and added to the total raised via crowd funding.

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