Visiting bellringers

On Thursday 8 October St Mary’s tower will host a team of bell ringers from Somerset.
Bells will be rung  from 4.15-5 pm.
Then on Wednesday 14 October a team from Kent will be the fourth, and last, visitors this year. They will ring from 10 – 10.45 am.

These visits by teams from around the country are a feature in every town in the country with church bells attractive enough to draw enthusiasts.
We appreciate it’s a mixed blessing for those living close by that St Mary’s Wivenhoe should be amongst the select!
That’s the reason why only a limited number of permissions is given for such events each year and Wednesday’s will be the fourth and last event this year.

As always, feedback is available via the contact page but we hope you will be able to derive a measure of enjoyment from hearing the quintessentially English sounds as, like falling autumn leaves,  they flurry forth from the tower!

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