All about Love

There was an outsize heart, drawn on a A1 flipchart sheet – but it wasn’t big enough!
By the time all the post-it notes of everyone’s one-word comments about mothers had been stuck on it by Wivenhoe schools’ children it had become a shapeless blob of multi-coloured expressions of LOVE, spilling outside the heart’s contours.

MS2015_1The Rector mused on how different the world would be if it were run by mothers … if it were run by the sort of self-giving LOVE they represent – and it’s only a short step to connecting that notion with our Lent preparations for Easter.

Mothering Sunday, that breathing space at the half-way point in Lent; it’s easy, while focusing on suffering and the Passion, to lose sight of the love that is the basis of the Easter story.

So Mothering Sunday serves a double purpose: it’s an opportunity to say Thank You! to mothers and mother-figures in our lives, and also serves to re-focus our thoughts and meditations on the self-giving love which is the essence of Easter.
But Mothering Sunday wouldn’t be complete without daffodils…! So here’s a picture of some, in nicely decorated flower pots, planted up and brought along by the pupils of Broomgrove Infant School; they were distributed to some very special people today!
And hidden behind the foliage there’s just a glimpse of the Mothers’ Day card our Sunday Club member Anastasha designed – well done you, it was a good’un!

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