That Was The Quiz That Was and a great night it was, too!
12 Teams took up the challenge this year and after some juggling with pews we managed to make space for all of them in the church.
QM Peter Kerr had pitched the questions with his usual feel for the occasion. To the end, the difference between the five front runners remained small enough to maintain the chase while keeping the leading team on its toes: with only two rounds to go, there were just 3 points in it!

A well-placed Joker by Cantares the choir team caused a last minute frisson but in the end  this year’s honour went to Per Ardua ad Astra, with a convincing 9-points lead over the runners up whose Lucy&Jim team, being one member short, had given them a run for the money.
Which leads seemlessly into reporting that this event raised a very creditable £456 for St Mary’s church.
A big Thank You to all who made this possible: Quiz Master, participants, catering team who gave the legendary cakes and coffee service, markers, gofers, and to those who contributed raffle prizes! And another thank you! to everyone who stayed behind to help  restore the church to its usual looks afterwards.

Per Ardua ad Astra

Per Ardua ad Astra team, winners of the 2015 Quiz

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