2015 Sermons

13 December 2015, John the Baptist, Rev Erwin Lammens
25 October 2015, Bible Sunday, Rev Julia Murphy
Unfortunately we had microphone problems today so there is no recording to listen to, but Julia very kindly made her sermon available as a document so it can be read here.
11 October 2015, Shackled by Wealth, Dr Glyn Stanway, Reader
20 September 2015, Confirmation Service, Rt Rev Roger Morris, Bishop of Colchester
3 September 2015, The tongue, Rev Erwin Lammens
23 August 2015, Too difficult? Rev Erwin Lammens
19 July 2015, Mission & Ministry Units, Helena Hughes ALP
12 July 2015, John the Baptist, Rev Erwin Lammens
21 June 2015, Shut Up!, Rev John Driver
17May 2015, Service for the bereaved, Rev Erwin Lammens
10May 2015, What is Joy? Rev Erwin Lammens
12 April 2015, Doubting Thomas, Rev. Julia Murphy
5 April 2015, Easter Broadcast for Colne Radio, Rev Erwin Lammens
22 March 2015, Passion Sunday, Helena Hughes who is in training to become an Authorised Lay Preacher
8 February 2015, Valentine Service, Rev Erwin Lammens
25 January 2015, Conversion of St Paul, Rev Julia Murphy
11 January 2015, Baptism of Christ, by Rev Erwin Lammens