Freshly pressed

This year again, a relay of Rector and helpers will be present on campus for the last day of Freshers Week at Essex University, with leaflets about St Mary’s.
We are aware that being away from home for perhaps the first time, moving into student accommodation in a strange town, and having to make new social connections can be a stressful experience- especially if you’re not naturally an outgoing person.

Sure, it’s exciting to start Uni! The Essex Student Union do their utmost to make new students feel welcome and comfortable, providing information on just about everything. The University itself takes its pastoral responsibility seriously.
Still, it can be an anxious time and certainly those students who cannot easily make the journey home, either because of distance or costs, may hit times when they need a place and space where it’s ok to let go emotionally without secretly having to worry about how that might reflect on them as students.

The Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre at the University can be one such place. Rev Julia, the Anglican Chaplain is, as we at St Mary’s well know, a very accessible, sympathetic, honest and fun person – and she’s the owner of Joey the springer spaniel who performs his own canine ministry!
Friends International is another organisation, with its iCafe at the Chaplaincy centre, that tries to help students at difficult or lonely times by organising activities and a whole lot more, all explained on their website.
And at St Mary’s church in Wivenhoe students will find a warm welcome. You can always try us on a Sunday – after the morning service there’s plenty of time for chat over coffee and biscuits. Erwin our Rector will be happy to listen to you and we’re all there for you. You can contact Erwin at any time, through the contact page of this website.
student flyer

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